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How can I generate a payment link?


How can I generate a payment link in payment gateway dashboard for my online store?


To generate a payment button our customer has to choose the option "Generate" in the left-side menu <"Payment link" in its submenu. By clicking on this link and, as the next step, by entering his credit card details, your customer will be able to make a payment in less than a minute.

The user has two options to generate a payment link:

  • The first option: when the merchant wants to charge his client a fixed amount.

In this way the customer of the merchant will not have to enter the amount he has to pay but only his personal data. Depending on the level of risk attributed to each merchant, the form that your customers will have to fill out may contain more or less fields. Once the fixed amount is entered you will have to click on “Generate payment link” button. This link can be sent to your clients and, once opened in any browser, used to charge fixed amounts.

  • The second option: when the merchant allows his clients to choose the amount he will pay.

This option allows your clients to enter the amount they will pay. Unlike the first option, this type of payment link allows the merchant to charge different amounts to several customers. To generate the payment link without a fixed amount, the user must leave the “Amount” field blank and click on “Generate payment link” button. This link can be sent to your client and, once opened in any browser, used to charge non-fixed amounts.

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