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What is an expiration date of a credit card?


What is an expiration date of credit card? What does expiration date mean?


The expiration dateof a card can be defined as the deadline for a credit or debit card operation period. Once the card date has expired, the cardholder cannot withdraw money at an ATM, make reservations or online and offline purchases.

Cardholders have to be very aware of the expiration date of their credit cards in case of traveling. If the customer wants to travel on the dates the card expires, he will not be able to make any purchases and it will be impossible for his bank to restore the service again unless new card is issued and sent to the client. Therefore, we advise customers who have their card about to expire to go to their local bank office and request renovation of the card. 

In the image below you can see the part of the card where the expiration date is located. It is usually made up of month and year but on rare occasions some card brand also include the particular day on which the card is going to expire.  

Credit card expiration date

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