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What is one-click payment?


What is one-click payment? Advantages and disadvantages.


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One-click payment (1 click payment) was an invention developed by Amazon programmers with the aim of selling more and summing up all the process of online purchase in 1 click.

In our opinion, this purchase process has misleading advertising since i order to make a purchase in just one click the user has to present previously all banking information. Which means that if a customer decides to buy an item for the first time on the Amazon platform, he cannot place the order and pay in a single click, since he has to register and go through all the following steps:

  • Confirm e-mail
  • Enter his billing, shipping and phone number information
  • Enter credit or debit card information
  • Enable multi-factor authentication
  • Add to cart
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Pay the order 

In order to activate the technology 1 click payment, the customer has to register and place previously at least one order. One these two requirements are fulfilled, he can activate an option to pay for his following purchases just in 1-click. 

Security of 1-click payments

In reference to security, 1-click payments are very secure without any difference between other purchasing processes of other CMS. All the data provided by the client and related to the credit card gets saved on secure servers when you place the first order .

Generally, 1-click payments work under SSL security protocol and all communication between the store and the person making the order is encrypted.

There are currently many payment gateways that have focused on copying the Amazon 1-click payments system, but did not have the same acceptance among the users, why?

In order for an online store to have a payment system similar to 1 click, the merchant and the customer have to work with the same PCI DSS payment gateway. The customer making the purchase must leave their billing information and the frequent credit or debit card used for their purchases.

Once the customer has provided his billing information that gets stored in the data base of payment gateway, the merchant must use this exact same data for all future purchases. Only in this case it will not be necessary for the client to re-enter his billing and card information, a clear example can be seen in MasterPass and Visa Checkout.

Benefits and disadvantages of fast 1 click payments 

Benefits of 1 click payments

  • It is a very impulsive form of payment: when the order can be paid so quickly the customer has less time to analyze the necessity of his purchase and, as a result, the sales ratio increases.
  • As the name implies, it is the fastest way to pay in an online store.
  • It is very secure since the information is stored on a secure PCI DSS server.
  • It is not necessary to re-enter sensitive data, for example, card numbers, CVC, expiration date, name, surname, billing and shipping information every time when the purchase is made.

Disadvantages of 1 click payments

  • If you want to pay in 1 click, you are forces to buy in the same online store or use the same payment gateway as the merchant.
  • When placing an order and paying for it takes only seconds, the possibility of unnecessary purchases increases. 
  • There are card brands that forbid data saving for future purchases in payment gateway for more than 6 months, such as, for example, Discover, Diners Club, JCB and Union Pay.

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