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What is U-Commerce?


What is Ubiquitous Commerce (U-Commerce)?


In order to understand the concept of U-Commerce, it is essential to get familiar with the main variants of electronic commerce. The most important are:

  • E-commerce: Electronic commerce focused on websites and shopping carts.
  • Social Commerce: Electronic commerce oriented to social networks, type Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  • Chat Commerce: E-commerce oriented for messaging applications like WhatsApp, Line, Live Chat etc.
  • Mobile Commerce: It is the electronic commerce focused on mobile telephony.
  • U-commerce: Is a type of commerce that emerged from the desire to satisfy all the needs that a modern customer can have. U-commerce is focused on customer experience and making it easy for him to reach the red or certain information from any device or location.

The main feature of U-commerce is that it has the ability to connect a user with any online store, allowing him to make a purchase from any device (Personal Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet) regardless of its location.

The U-commerce user is a type of customer who has a lot of experience in online shopping and values the user experience, speed and security. An example of a U-commerce system could be quick 1-click payments and 3 steps purchase process. They expect to receive a Premium customer service, that is, 24-hour Live Chat service, they are not willing to wait and want their answers when they need them. 


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