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¿Qué modalidades de plataforma de pagos online hay?

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What is PIN PAD

What is Pin Pad and why you need it for your business?

Pin Pad is an electronic device used to accept debit or credit card payments that require a PIN (Personal Identification Number) and therefore, the presence of a cardholder is obligatory.

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international payment are the most used on the Internet

What international payment methods are the most used on the Internet?

The most used payment methods on the Internet are: cash, wire transfer, money transfer by Western Union or MoneyGram, checks, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Facebook Pound and virtual POS terminals.

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Virtual POS Traditional

What is a traditional virtual POS for Web sites?

When requesting a traditional virtual POS for a website we have to be very aware that the risk of our business will play an important role. In the market of digital payment methods by card on the website, there are 2 types of terminals, on the one hand we have traditional virtual POS terminals and on the other, non-traditional virtual POS terminals that run under 3D Secure protocol.

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Online credit cards: easy and fast solutions.

Do you still think that applying for a credit card in your local bank is like embarking on an obstacle course? If so, it might be interesting for you to take a look at the advantages offered by the cards that are requested exclusively online. Less paperwork, much more agile procedures and similar benefits: that is why online credit cards are an option whose demand grows day by day. Do you want to know how to apply for a credit card online?

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