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High risk Virtual terminal for MOTO

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Is your commercial activity classified as of high risk? Do you need to accept payments over the phone or e-mail? Start using virtual terminal for MOTO payments for high-risk businesses without changing your bank.

Reference: EC28374PO


High risk Virtual terminal for MOTO payments

A high-risk Virtual terminal used to accept payments via telephone and emails is a card not present payment method with a high risk of chargebacks, which can be explained by the nature of the business. Also, MOTO virtual terminal is commonly used by the companies whose commercial activity does not require physical shipment of a product.

In case the client files a chargeback for a purchase he made via virtual terminal, the agent, who is responsible for the sale, will have to justify that he has operated correctly. For these situations it is recommendable to keep recorded conversations, require the clients to confirm that they have received the e-mails, asking them to sign certified letters or respond to an SMS confirming its orders.

How does a Virtual terminal for MOTO payments work?

The functionality of a Virtual Terminal for MOTO payments of high risk can be summed up in 8 steps explained bellow. The following is an example of accepting the payment by phone in a Call Center.

First step: The sales agent has the customer´s information: name, surname, address and telephone number and, using this information, he contacts the client to offer his service or product.

Second step: Once the agent has managed to convince the client and has received the authorization to record the call, he is ready to proceed with the purchase.

Third step: The sales agent logs into the panel of control of virtual terminal via a laptop, tablet, mobile or computer and asks the customer for his credit card details: card number, expiration date and CVC code. When the agent introduces all these details and clicks on “Submit transaction”, he gives an order to the virtual terminal to do the rest of the communication.

Fourth step: The acquiring bank detects that a card holder wants to perform an operation for an amount that has been notified by the payment gateway.

Fifth step: The acquiring bank send the notification to the brand card network used for the purchase (Visa, MasterCard, Amex ...) asking for the authorization.

Sixth step: The card brand verifies with the card issuing bank if the customer has sufficient funds to carry out the operation or has any restrictions.

Seventh step: Once the issuing bank has verified that the card can perform the operation, it authorizes it. The payment gateway will collect all notifications and show the authorization code to the merchant.

Eighth Step: If the transaction has been authorized, the acquiring bank transfers the money to the bank account number of the virtual terminal.

Fees for high risk MOTO Virtual terminal 

High risk MOTO Virtual terminal

Processing commissions*5,5% to 6,5% (depending on the level of risk)
Commission for OK transaction0,75ct
Commissions for wire transferEuropean Union 15 Euros. Outside EU 70 Euros.
Commissions for Refunds10 Euros.
Commissions for Chargeback50 Euros.
Activation fee*399 Euros (one-time payment)

* The activation of the high risk Virtual terminal por MOTO payments is a one-time payment. No further monthly or annual maintenance fees are required. 

* The prices can vary depending on the commercial activity of the client and the level or risk his business involves. For any questions, please, contact us via e-mail, chat or by phone.

    Certified by a notary or notary public.
    Certified by a notary or notary public.
    Electricity, water, gas, telephone or bank statement.
    in English
    Certified and apostilled deeds of the company: Certificate of incorporation of the company, memorandum of association, registry of directors, register of shareholders and certificate Good Standing (if the company was registered more than 1 year ago).
Lois Hall
I need MOTO for my business.
Hi, This is Aldo Giani, i'm owner of swiss company and interested in open MOTO virtual pos with bank account in belize as described above (service details) How exactly it works? How many time requires to implementing it? Please let me know Thanks Best regards Aldo
What do you sell? What is the nature of card payments? I need a brief description to see if we can accept your business with MOTO payments

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