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What does 3D security PIN mean?


What is a 3D Secure protocol security PIN?


3D security PIN is the best anti-fraud security system for all parties involved in the card purchase process: commerce, acquiring bank, card issuing bank and the customer (card holder). The system requires validation of the transaction that has been made using the credit card and identification of the client. Security PINs are usually provided by the bank when a new card is issued and are free of charge. 

In the process of an online purchase where a payment gateway with 3D Secure protocol is used for processing, the client goes through one of the steps where he is asked to introduce a PIN number. In this case, in order to pass the identification control of 3D secure system the client is obliged to confirm his identity in one of the following ways: 

  1. Introduce 3D Security PIN, a number made of 4 to 6 digits provided by the bank when the card was issued.
  2. Via SMS, the card issuing bank sends an SMS to client's mobile phone with the digits he has to enter in the 3D Secure window.
  3. Numeric card coordinates provided by the issuing bank.

The 3D Secure security PIN is beneficial for the merchant, being a useful tool to lower the risk of chargebacks and increase the chances of winning a claim filed by a cardholder. The only disadvantage of implementing 3D secure system in your payment method, is an additional step where the client is obliged to enter his PIN number in order to complete check out process. 

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