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Difference between face-to-face and on-site commerce


What is a difference between face-to-face and on-site e-commerce?


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Face-to-face commerce

Face-to-face commerce is a traditional way of paying for goods and services in local restaurants or physical stores. The usage of PIN Pad has been a revolution in payment methods for very long time. We all know how to insert the debit or credit card or just swipe it up next to this little black machine in order for the system to charge us for goods or services we are purchasing. Face-to-face commerce is the most secure one, when speaking about client verification. Some trades still ask their clients for a signature or ID in order confirm the card ownership. 

Card present, face-to-face operations get validated instantly and the percentage of funds and chargebacks filed for this type of purchases is quite low. The main reason of it is that before making a payment, the customer sees the product, examines it carefully and only then makes a decision to buy. When paying in person, the customers can not make such claims as "I have not received the product" or "I have received defective merchandise". The claims that customers usually file when paying face-to-face are related to product guarantees.  

On site e-Commerce

On site e-Commerce involves online operations carried out by Virtual POS terminals. These operations are typical for electronic commerce, such as virtual POS terminals for online stores, call centers for telephone collection, mobile phone charges or recurring temporary payments.

As we mentioned earlier, these types of terminals support most of the chargebacks and here the customer can submit claims such as “I have not received the package”, “the product is false”, “the product is defective” or even “return the package without acceptance of trade ”.

Integration of Virtual POS terminal or usage of PIN Pad terminal will depend on the operation that the company carries out. If the company carries out physical activity, the ideal solution will be the POS terminal for face-to-face payments. But if the company develops its activity online, the mandatory terminal to contract will be a virtual POS terminal. 

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