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Virtual POS Terminal for CMS. Types of CMS in Internet


What is a Virtual POS terminal for CMS? Types of CMS in Internet.


Launching a new online business, the first question that our clients usually face is how to charge their clients online and accept credit card payments. Choosing a payment method for online store, a decision that can affect the way the new business will grow, involves analyzing the level of its security, speed and fees you will have to pay for each sale. 

Virtual POS Terminal is a perfect solution for almost all online stores, since it allows its owners to accept and process credit card payments within seconds using any CMS. 

The most used CMSs on Internet that allow a full integration of payment gateway are the following: 

The integration of Virtual POS Terminal in a CMS of your website is quite simple. Generally the package of services that your payment gateway provider offers includes modules for particular CMS of the client. The configuration will take only couple of hours after which you will be able to accept online payments from your clients. 

Virtual POS terminal for CMS

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