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What is MOTO payment system?


What is MOTO payment system and how does virtual termina for MOTO work?


MOTO stands for Mail Order Telephone Order and it is one of the most used and most difficult to obtain non-contact payment methods on the market. 

Charging your clients by MOTO virtual terminal has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all this payment system doesn't operate under SEC protocol and therefore does not request the security PIN code. The biggest disadvantage of using the MOTO terminal is that if the merchant uses this type of terminal for fraudulent purposes, it can make successive charges to any card in the world.

The MOTO terminal is one of the terminals with the highest rates of fraud and claims, therefore the acquiring banks do not usually grant the opening of these terminals to commerces. The operation of MOTO is very simple, once the trade achieves its activation it has a panel on the payment gateway where he can enter all the card information provided by his client: Card brand, card number, expiration date, CVC and billing information. Once the agent enters all the required data previously authorized by the cardholder, the merchant carries out the transaction without his client entering the 3D Secure code.

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