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What is a function of shopping cart in Virtual POS terminal?


What is a function of shopping cart in Virtual POS terminal? Shopping cart and CMS.


The function of the shopping cart in a Virtual POS terminal is essential to complete a credit card payment. The shopping cart has the function of collecting all customer information in a CMS, such as order number, size, color, measurements of the item, name, surname, email, billing address, shipping address of the client and card information.

In the process of online purchase, the shopping cart is responsible for transmitting the related card information and description of the order to the payment gateway. That one in its turn, sends the information to the acquiring bank, through internal notifications with the card issuing bank that will authorize or not the purchase.

When configuring a number of steps in place an order process, it is very important to keep in mind, that more steps we make our clients to go through, greater is the possibility of abandonment. While less information we require from the client, the number of sales increases. 

One of the questions that users ask daily is, can I reduce the number of steps in my CMS? The answer is Yes. A shopping cart can be configured with the steps you want but there is a step in credit card payment process that will depend solely on the Virtual POS and the protocols it has. If the POS terminal is configured with 3D Secure protocol, we will have to add one more mandatory step which sometimes causes decrease in sales number.

Optimizing a shopping cart for a Virtual POS is not easy since a large number of customer's information has to be collected without affecting the security and speed of the payment. Currently, the most advanced CMS are developing 1-click fast payment systems in which a customer can make a purchase in a single click. Logically for this process to occur the user will need to be previously registered in the online store.

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